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Surround crop protectant proven to outperform competitors

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The Surround crop protectant from AgNova Technologies has been proven to outperform competitor products in tests that compared them on sunburn protection.
Notwithstanding the mild summers of the last two years, the long term forecast is for warmer and drier seasons, which would require growers to protect crops against sunburn and heat stress. These two factors can cause crop loss with some estimates going up to as much as 40% damage. Combined with the increasing pressure on grower margins, it is more important than ever to harvest the highest possible percentage of quality fruit from every hectare or megalitre of water. Improving pack-out percentages is one of the most effective ways to improve farm profitability.
Sunburn damage on fruit crops is caused by an interaction of ultraviolet (UV) and infrared radiation (IR) reaching fruit surfaces. Crop protectants formulated to effectively prevent UV and IR light from reaching fruit surfaces will most efficiently protect them from sunburn.
Several products claiming sunburn protection were compared in simultaneous laboratory tests commissioned by NovaSource, which proved that the level of protection against UVa, UVb and Near Infrared Radiation (NIR) varied greatly.
The independent laboratory measured film depositions at a range of application rates up to the label maximum to determine how much UVa, UVb and NIR was reflected away or passed through to the surface below. The five products tested included three formulations of products claiming sunburn protection in Australia.
Surround crop protectant outperformed tested competitors against UVa, UVb and NIR. The Surround treatment had a higher percentage of sprayed material adhered to the substrate, with its formulation providing a more effective barrier than the competitor products.

These results help to explain why Surround has a proven track record of providing consistent crop protection against sunburn in Australia.

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