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Surround gets organic accreditation

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The National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia (NASAA) has recently approved Surround as an input for organic crop production. AgNova Technologies  is the Australian supplier for Surround crop protectant.

Surround is a well-known brand among crop protectants in the sunburn and heat stress protection market. The NASAA approval allows organic growers to apply Surround to protect their crops against the harsh effects of sunburn and heat stress whilst maintaining their organic status.

Sunburn damage on crops is caused by an interaction of air temperature, UV and IR radiation. Sunburn and heat stress can impact the yields of fruit and vegetables negatively by up to 30%, placing enormous pressure on grower returns as both quality and quantity of the produce is affected.

However, when Surround WP is applied evenly to crops before the onset of heat wave conditions and a protective layer is maintained on the crop over the summer, growers can minimise the losses expected from sunburn damage. Surround reflects UV and IR radiation to protect the crops.

Darren Thomas, sales and marketing manager for AgNova Technologies says that Surround crop protectant reduces crop damage caused by sunburn and heat stress when used according to the product label. Surround is a pH neutral formulation made from natural kaolin clay, which is refined and processed to create an optimum formulation that genuinely protects against sunburn and heat stress.

Co-developed by the United States Department of Agriculture and Engelhard Corporation in the 1990s, Surround was first trialled in Australia in 1998. Ongoing research over many years has refined its use throughout a wide range of crops, including wine grapes, pome fruit, stone fruit, tomatoes, onions and cucurbits.

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