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Nutrients and fertilisers from Agfert Fertilizers

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Agfert Fertilizers  offers a wide range of fertiliser products. Agfert Fertilizers supplies fertiliser products like Mono-ammonium Phosphate (M.A.P), Di-ammonium Phosphate (D.A.P), Urea, Sulphate of Ammonia (S.O.A) granular and fine, super, triple, zinc, blended products and liquid fertilisers.

Agfert Fertilizers supplies exact blend of required nutrient to the customer by using modern batch blending equipment. Agfert Fertilizers also ensures that all blends offered are accurately mixed, proportioned and screened then out loaded.

All product range offered by Agfert Fertilizers are made available for dispatch in Agfert Fertilizer’s depot at Whitwarta Road Balaklava. Agfert Fertilizers loads the customer’s trucks by high capacity conveyor belt that are positioned on a full size certified weighbridge.

Agfert Fertilizers offers D.A.P which consists of 18 percentage of ammonium form, 18 percentage of water soluble phosphorus, 2.0 percentage of citrate soluble phosphorus, 20 percentages of phosphorus, 0.2 percentages of acid soluble phosphorus, 20.2 percentages of total phosphorus and 1.5 percentage of sulphur in the form of sulphate.

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