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Field research and trials from Aglime

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Aglime  has a wide experience in field research and field trials. Aglime has instigated field trials and scientific studies since 1981. Aglime research on yields includes wheat, lupins, canola, pasture and barley.

Soil properties resulted from Aglime’s research includes nutrient availability, subsoil acidity, worms and microbes, calcium, magnesium and caution ratios. The evaluation and comparison made by Aglime on other lime products include chemistry and particle sizes, yield results from different limes and further yield results from trials.

Long term field trials performed by Aglime includes WANTFA trials, previous Aglime trials and Wongan hills trials. Current research programmes offered by Aglime includes Gabby Quoi Quoi and Avon Catchment Council.

Aglime’ s independent research programme includes soil acidity and liming, liming responses and rates, Pastures and acid soils, soil management guides GRDC ground cover, soil acidity, soil types, structures, etc.

Aglime performs plant sampling solution which has the key benefits including monitor nutrients like trace elements and plant tissue testing, samples are packaged and submitted to laboratory and sites are logged with GPS in 2 metres accuracy.

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