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Field trials on liming acid soils from Aglime

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Aglime  provides research and perform field trials on liming acid soils. Aglime has more than 25 years of experience in performing research on lime sand deposits. Aglime provides products and services related to agricultural industry.

Aglime is working with precision Gypsum and SoilTech industries and provide dedicated assistance to maximise the profit of sustainable farming systems. Aglime provide professional services and innovative product quality.

Aglime is the forefront of research on liming acids soils of long term. Aglime conducts field trial program which has included more than 200 replicated field trials that are carried out under normal farming conditions. Aglime has performed some strategic research which has been carried out for GRDC. Aglime treats the topsoil, mid soils, sub soils and leaches to improve the yields, profitability and pasture production.

Aglime is well known for lime in West Australia. Aglime provides fine particle size and increased neutralising value which is the cost effective source of lime for farmers. Aglime owns various minesites at Cervantes, Lancelin, Dongara and Jurien. Each minesite of Aglime is managed by a local contractor. The product offered is weighed by using loadright cells on the loaders, etc.

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