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Soil research solutions from Aglime

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Aglime  specialises in soil research for the purpose of the agricultural industry. Services from Aglime include liming and soil pH solutions, Precision SoilTech solutions, soil structures and field research. The Precision SoilTech service involves soil sampling, mapping, plant sampling, pH testing services and the like.

Precision SoilTech services offered by Aglime employ patented soil sampling machines that can accurately take uncontaminated and clean samples from the midsoil, top soil and sub soil quickly and efficiently.

Aglime logs the sample sites to an accuracy of a few metres. This enables future samples to be taken from the same location which automatically results in an accurate trend analysis of the farm. Aglime automatically maps the sample points within the paddocks which are then overlayed on the paddock boundaries or aerial photographs.

Well-trained contractors from Aglime ensure that soil and plant samples from a particular farm are taken using the same methods every year. In this way, farmers can compare results over a period of time. Samples collected by Aglime are barcoded so that GPS and farm information can be delivered efficiently to laboratories and agronomists.

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