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Cultivators and planters from Agline Distributors

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Agline Distributors  is a supplier of farm works software and a manufacturer of precision made Bioseries cultivators and planters. Agline Distributors offers bio blade which is designed for bio drill which can be used ideally for Southern Australian soil conditions. Bio blade has various features of the bio drill.

Bio blade is used to sow small seeds accurately like large seeds. Bio blades bands fertilisers for seeding with minimum surface disturbance and without seed burn. Bio blades maintains the same down-force through out along with seeding depth in ground surface. Bio blade automatically adjusts the opener down force and changes in ground hardness that occurs naturally across all fields.

Agline Distributors offers bio drills which is specifically designed and developed to handle black sticky soil and handle wet conditions in zero applications. Bio drills is a complete machine with vacuum box and air seeder that are compatible which is also simultaneously applies solids, liquids or gas fertilisers. Bio drills are used with vacuum boxes or air seeders. Press wheel of the bio drill has seeding depth, function controls and slot closing.

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