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Precision agriculture tools from Agline Distributors

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Agline Distributors  specialises in precision agricultural tools. Agline Distributors was established in 2003 by Ross Hubbard with a vision for precision agriculture to a new level in Australia. Ross Hubbard has become an Australian distributor for Beefline technologies guidance systems.

A wide range of products offered by Agline Distributors includes Bio series planters, farmworks, beeline, BushTel phones, Airseeders and fertilisers spreaders. Bio Series of Planters and cultivators from Agline Distributors includes Bio blade, moisture manager and bio drill. The bio series of precision planting implements is result of eight year quest by Ross Hubbard, Managing Director of Agline Distributors.

Agline Distributors offers bio drill and bio blade opener designs which are designed based on the biological research more than agricultural engineering principles. Complete range of bio series equipment from Agline Distributors is designed and manufactured for row crop and Australian broad-acre conditions.

Agline Distributors offers moisture manager which is a patented product. Moisture manager is an opener which can be used for planting, applying gas, liquid and solid fertilisers. The hydraulic cylinder of the moisture manager maintains the constant down force through accumulators which maintain accurate seeding depth. Moisture managers are retrofitted to cultivators.

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