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Harrows for agricultural application from Agmaster

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Agmaster  offers a wide range of agricultural equipment. Agmaster supplies harrows, press wheels, seeding kits, star harrows and press wheel combinations. Horrows are developed for the use of narrow points. Harrows have a non-aggressive rotary action which brushes the loose soil on the row back for even seed cover.

Agmaster offers harrows are made available in three sizes which include 4 feet, 5 feet and 6 feet coverage per gang. Gang weight including arm approximately 110 kilogram easy set up, has excellent stubble handling is ideal for lifts and folds with machine.

Agmaster supplies harrows which consist of replaceable tips, telescopic carrier arm, adjustable turntable, spring carrier for the reduction of downward pressure and to increase the tip life. No-till farming has various benefits which includes greater flexibility of whole farm programme, early time of sowing, improved soil structure, much lower risk of water and wind erosion, reduced evaporation of soil moisture, fewer tractor operation time and lower fuel usage, generally fewer weed germination of the crop, improved trafficability under wet conditions, improved condition for soil organisms including earthworms and bacteria.

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