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Seeding kits from Agmaster

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Agmaster  offers an extensive range of seeding kits for agricultural purpose. Agmaster supplies seeding kits which includes NT08 Series Bolt on kit, NT11 Series Slip on kits, etc. NT08 Series of bolt on kit ideal for single bolt scarifier tines and cultivator available in 90 kilograms to 150 kilograms range. NT08 Series Bolt on kit is a standard single system kit which consists of close 12 millimetre point and 40 millimetre closer assembly. Agmaster also offers other boot options with the kit weight of 4.5 kilograms.

Agmaster offers NT11 Series Slip on kits is ideal for double bolt cultivator and chisel tines which ranges nearly 350 kilograms or 750 lb of breakout pressure. NT 11 Series slip on kit features includes 16 millimetre point and 50 millimetre closer assembly. NT 11 series slip on kits is suitable for tines like Gason, Flexi-Coil, Morris, Horwood Bagshaw, Bourgualt, Ezee-On and Chisel tynes.

Agmaster offers slip on winged point which consists on 60 millimetre of wide tungsten tipped wing that provides additional cultivation with minimal surface disturbance. Sweep adaptor slips in place of narrow point which allows a quick change.

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