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Agmin Chelates Pty Ltd are the manufacturers and distributors of the most complete line of flowable, chelated micronutrients for the agricultural industry, with supplements for livestock and macro and micro nutrient products for all fertiliser crop needs.


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06/12/11 - By testing for and applying the correct levels of micro chemicals, crop growers can encourage maximum health and yield.
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08/07/08 - Agmin Chelates offers a diverse range of liquid nutrients for agricultural industries.
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07/07/08 - Agmin Chelates offers an extensive range of fertilisers and micronutrients.
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04/07/08 - Agmin Chelates is a manufacturer and distributor of flowable and chelated micronutrients ideal for agricultural industry.

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32 Wattlepark Ave
VIC 3221
Tel: 03 5248 3828
Fax: 03 5248 1603

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