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Chelated Micro Nutrients from Agmin Chelates

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Agmin Chelates  is a manufacturer and distributor of flowable and chelated micronutrients ideal for agricultural industry. Agmin Chelates supplies supplements for livestocks and micro or macro nutrient products for complete fertiliser crop requirements. Agmin Chelates was established in September 1985 as a result of extensive research related to fertiliser management practices.

Agmin Chelate’s main aim to enhance the productivity of the farmers and long term sustainability by simple changing of fertiliser practices. Fertiliser practices include one or two nutrient levels in soil for exposing limited factors in soil. Agmin Chelates comprises of state of art manufacturing and laboratory facilities.

Agmin Chelate’s mission is to maintain its excellence in the application of metal chelating chemistry. Agmin Chelates continues to develop innovative products for various applications in animal nutrition and agriculture. Agmin Chelates offers Cupricide, a new product which is a potent new Algicide ideal for foliar nutrients and rural sectors. Foliar nutrients are a range of liquid chelated nutrients suitable for spraying applications. Agmin Chelates offers products that are used in a wide range of application in broad acre horticulture and agriculture.

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