Cupricide - The Affordable Algicide

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For use in lakes, potable water reservoirs, farms, fish and industrial ponds, fish hatcheries, rice paddies, raceways, crop irrigation and non-crop irrigation conveyance systems, ditches, canals and laterals.

Agmin Chelates aquatic algicide CUPRICIDE offers a cost effective approach to the control over a wide spectrum of filamentous and planktonic algae.

Cupricide is a mixed copper alkanolamine complex. In this chemical form, it provides maximum algicidal efficiency but with low toxicity to fish. The organic chelating agents used in CUPRICIDE protect the active ingredient (copper) from precipitating out of solution (a problem which frequently occurs with copper sulphate algicides) as well as reducing the toxicity effects of copper on fish.
Supplied in an easy to use liquid form, CUPRICIDE works by systemic action, penetrating algal cells and inhibiting photosynthesis.

Cupricide is available in pack sizes ranging from 1L to 1000L.

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