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Liquid nutrients from Agmin Chelates

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Agmin Chelates  offers a diverse range of liquid nutrients for agricultural industries. These liquid nutrients from Agmin Chelates result in a number of benefits for farmers and herds including an increase in milk production, improved fertility levels and lower health problems.

Cereal farmers have experienced maximum yields from crops after using prescription mixes of the liquid nutrients from Agmin Chelates. These nutrients correct the deficiencies that impend the growth of the crop. Meat and wool producers have benefited with healthier and more productive animals. The regular use of liquid nutrients from Agmin Chelates corrects deficiencies and other imbalances of the soil and pasture too.

Agmin Chelates has proved its commitment to quality by developing high performance products that result in improved yield and productivity. Agmin Chelates delivers algicides and plant nutrients that comply with stringent quality control procedures. Each and every batch of products adheres to the specifications and efficiency in performance. Agmin Chelates strives to deliver an innovative range of agricultural micronutrient products consistently. Agmin Chelates provides technical assistance and other laboratory services for the status determination of plants and soil nutrients.

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