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Points and discs from Agpoint Australia

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Agpoint Australia  is a supplier of sweeps, points, discs and harrows. Agpoint Australia was established in September 1991 with the manufacturing assets of E.Anders and Sons of Freeling. Agpoint Australia soon after acquired the manufacturing facilities, intellectual property and tooling for sweeps, points and chisels from McKay Australia, former market leader.

Agpoint Australia quickly established as a supplier and manufacturer of Points and Discs in Australia with a national network of dealers, distributors and tillage equipment manufacturers. Enhancement treatment of forged steel research resulted in the acquisition of Practo Industries during 1997. In addition to the unique wear enhancement for tillage tools, Agpoint Australia has expanded the agricultural product categories which include blades for grass care applications.

Agpoint Australia expanded further by the purchase of manufacturing assets and agricultural parts supplier. Agpoint Australia also offers row crop products that are used for farming of sugar cane and cotton during 1999.

Agpoint Australia changed the ownership in October 2000 from wholly subsidiary company to an autonomous operating division of Osmundson manufacturing company. This new parent company has a history of manufacture and distribution of tools related to agricultural ground.

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