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Tillage solutions from Agpoint Australia

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Agpoint Australia  offers a wide range of tillage solutions to the agricultural industry. Agpoint Australia offers bolt-on knife points which have 44.5 millimetre hole centres along with CSK holes. These bolt-on knife points are suitable for machines and equipment from IHC Vibrashank, Hesston, Morris and Leon.

Bolt-on knife points with 57 millimetre centre holes are ideal for equipment from Horwood Bagshaw Scaribar, ScariTill, Bourgualt, Gyral, AFM Cult and other machines. Agpoint Australia also offers knock-on knife points for Slimwedge adaptors, heavy duty knife points, heavy duty wing seeder knife points, heavy duty seventy degree knife points and light duty knife points.

Agpoint Australia offers various other products which include Slimwedge sweeps, seeding systems and knife points. Agpoint Australia offers a range of extendable seed and fertiliser systems that are utilised in delivery systems that have adapted the use of knife points and sweeps without spanners. The unique feature of these seed and fertiliser systems are that they consist of extendable seeding attachments for delivery which solve the problem of farmers. The extendable seeding delivery system fits any popular double bolt hole and adapts any commonly used flexible seeding tube system.

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