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Aerotill Aeration Equipment makes it easy to increase yields and stocking rates without extra fertilizer.

Maximize production with Air-n-Till technology for:

  • Stronger roots and better yields
  • Reduced runoff and increased moisture retention
  • Better fertilizer utilization
  • Improvement of your toughest soils
  • Minimal surface disruption    
Aeration Equipment:  
  • Folding Wing Aerotill FW400T503A
  • 12 Ft (3.66m) AerotillAT3350
  • 10 Ft (3.05m) AerotillAT2845
Air-n-Till Aerate and Till In One Pass  

Patented Aerotill Shattertines lift and fracture tough soil to increase air and water movement. As the Aerotill moves over the surface, the unique angles of the Aerotill Shattertines crack and shatter compacted soil 8" and deeper to open new channels for air and water. Plants respond with stronger roots and better yields. Plus they produce improved fertilizer utilization, reduced runoff, and greater soil moisture consistency.

Aeration Equipment and Soil Basics  

Three systems; physical, biological, and chemical, work together to make soil productive. Soil scientists agree that the physical condition of soil is the key to efficient biological and chemical activity, which in turn determines how much plant life the soil can produce.

Soil Tilth - Why compaction is the farmers No. 1 enemy

Soil tilth is the measurement of the balance between basic soil elements: mineral, air, water, and organic matter. The proper balance of these elements increases soil production by allowing efficient interaction of all the soil systems. Air and water balance in the soil is the key to good root growth. Compaction stresses plants because air and water are "squeezed" from the soil. Biological and chemical activities which depend on air and water  

Aeration Equipment is available from Agpro Group

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