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Improved grains transaction through Agracorp

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Agracorp  is a buyer and supplier of grains from various parts of Australia. Agracorp offers suitable sales solutions for customers and growers. Agracorp has offers LoadNet option for grain growers registered with CBH. By LoadNet, Grain Pool Online services can also be accessed.

Agracorp has framed different price option to facilitate the improved transaction of grains. Deferred Delivery Contract serves as an opportunity for transferring the income to that financial year that follows the harvest period. This option is available for most commodities that are subject to market conditions. Under Deferred Delivery Contract the grains that are delivering must meet the CBH warehousing system. Deferred Delivery Contract helps to spread the income for taxation purposes. Deferred Delivery Contract is clear and simple payment documentation for showing GST treatment.

Another pricing option from Agracorp is Forward Cash Contract which is a simple and easy solution where the price is fixed and protected from market fluctuations. Forward Cash Contracts allows locking in the profit margin of the trading and enhances the certainty of income and other cash flow. Forward Cash Contract is clear and simple payment document that can be used for any accounting purposes.

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