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Promoting Agribusiness in Australia

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The Agribusiness Association of Australia (AAA) aims to facilitate communication across the agri-food industry and promote the contribution made by agribusiness to the Australian economy and community.

The Association complies with the relevant legislative requirements relating to financial control and auditing. Annual meetings are generally held in conjunction with an annual congress / conference.

Roles of the Association

  • acts as a conduit for communication and co-operation across all sectors of the value chain
  • works to raise knowledge of issues effecting the development of an efficient and competitive agri-food value chain
  • acts as a credible source of information or commentary on issues that effect all sectors of the value chain
  • promote awareness of the inter-relationships that form the agri-food chain

Agribusiness includes all the various businesses involved in food and fibre production including:

  • farming
  • seed supply
  • agrichemicals
  • farm machinery
  • wholesale and distribution
  • processing
  • marketing
  • retail sales

Its members consist of professionals from all sectors of the agri-food chain including provate industry, government, industry representation and education. Members benefit from a wide communication network, and the opportunity to build their profile and investment into Agribusiness. 

Did you know?

  • As of November 2010, there we 373,560 people directly employed in Agribulture, Forestry and Fishing
  • Australian farm exports earned the country $28.5 billion in 2009/10
  • Australian farmers spend $3 billion on Natural Resource Management in 2007-2008

For more statistics on the Agribusiness sectory or agri-food industry, contact Agribusiness Association of Australia.

Photo: a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from feral art's Flickr photo stream

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