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Annual, Italian and short rotation ryegrass from PGG Seeds

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PGG Seeds  are involved in breeding, research, marketing and evaluation of temperate forage species. PGG Seeds offer cultivars that suit the individual farming requirements. PGG Seeds provides a complete range of temperate pasture species like clovers, grasses, herbs and brassicas. The products offered by PGG Seeds are available through all seed suppliers around Australia.

Pasture species and varieties from PGG Seeds include Ryegrasses, tall fescues, herbs and clovers. The Ryegrasses are further classified into annual, Italian and short rotation ryegrass, long rotation and perennial ryegrasses. The annual, Italian and short rotation ryegrass includes Missile and Pronto annual ryegrass, Warrior and Crusader Italian ryegrass and Galaxy tetraploid short rotation ryegrass.

Missile ryegrass is an annual ryegrass and it is used to break crop to carry large volumes of stock. It is applied before establishment of pasture, spring brassica crop for silage and haymaking. Missile is an effective tool and it is ideal for patching old, underground pastures. It is ideal for use in early land development programme. Tall fescue is available in various types including Advance tall fescue, Flecha tall fescue and Jesup tall fescue.

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