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PGG Seeds offers white clovers and cannon perennial ryegrass

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PGG Seeds  offer a wide range of temperate pasture species like clovers, grasses, herbs and brassicas. PGG Seeds provide cultivars that suit the individual farming requirements. Pasture species and varieties from PGG Seeds include Ryegrasses, tall fescues, herbs and clovers.

The white clovers from PGG Seeds are described as temperate forage plant. The clovers fix the nitrogen and offers quality feed through various farming practices. White clover is classified based on the stolon and density of the leaf size. Large leaf sized types are associated with thick stolons, flower heads, upright growth and large roots. The medium small leaf size is the general purpose white clover and it is used for a wide range of grazing managements.

Cannon perennial ryegrass is ideal grazing area for diary, sheep and beef. The growth of the cannon perennial ryegrass is high during seasons of winter, autumn and early spring. This ryegrass shows rapid regrowth after grazing operations. Cannon perennial pastures are provide superior and reliable performance when used. Cannon is ideal when it is used as single ryegrass in perennial mix. The cannon perennial ryegrass is ideal feed for calving and lambing animals.

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