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Conference uncovers the latest in animal nutrition

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article image Animal nutrition plays an important role in the growth and development of livestock
The Recent Advances in Animal Nutrition – Australia is a biannual conference that brings those involved in the scientific and commercial sectors of animal nutrition together.

Attendees discuss and debate a range of issues of relevance to animal nutrition, including:

  • Current trends and their impact
  • Predictions for future trends
  • The latest developments in animal nutrition 
  • Ideas for new developments in animal nutrition
The conference features a number of keynote speakers who present their views and findings to attendees, and they address a range of issues of relevance to the industry.

The conference will take place in July 2013 at the School of Education, the University of New England, Armidale.

If you are interested in attending this highly interesting, educational conference, contact the University for more information.

Unable to attend the conference? You can still adopt a range of measures to guarantee the health of your livestock.

Agricon Products offers a range of animal nutrition products, including:

Vitamin and mineral premixes

These are packed with a multi-vitamin formula consisting of vitamins A, D and E among others. They are designed for animals situated on urea, lime and salt feedlots.

Pasture/paddock supplements

These supplements are intended for animals situated in paddocks that are low in protein or phosphorous. They offer a range of benefits, including improved dry feed intake and an enhanced ability to digest dry food.

Molasses blocks

The company offers a range of Molasses blocks that are designed to ensure animals receive an adequate amount of the vitamins and minerals they require to maintain optimal health.

Animal nutrition is at the forefront of animal health, and we all know healthy animals reap healthy profits!

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