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Herbicides and pesticides from Agricrop

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Agricrop  specialises in the supply of a wide range of herbicides. Agricrop offers AFFRAY 300 which is an innovative herbicide that controls the toxic weed. AFFRAY 300 is a registered product for the control of Water Hyacinth and suitable for spot spraying of fireweed. AFFRAY 300 is available in the pack size of 20 litres and 5 litres. AFFRAY 300 can be used for the control of Mother-of-Million, Groundsel Bush, Bathurat Burr, Noogoora Burr, Water Hyacinth, etc.

Agricrop offers AquaGro Gold an agricultural soil surfactant which is a patented formulation of co-polymers. AquaGro Gold is broadly used in Australia providing outstanding returns for growers. AquaGro Gold is a cutting edge soil surfactant which is designed to enhance the infiltration and retention of water in any soil type. AquaGro Gold enables the adherence of water to the soil which is hydrophobic. AquaGro Gold increases the efficiency of irrigation to 50 percentages resulting in maximum crop yields. AquaGro Gold is available in 200 litre and 20 litre packages.

Agricrop supplies Aquabuff which is a buffering and compatibility aid that are built in pH indicator for using in combination with alkaline sensitive pesticides. Aquabuff is a high performance wetter and spreader available in 5 litre pack size.

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