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Soil surfactants from Agricrop

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Agricrop  offers an extensive range of soil surfactant and herbicides. Agricrop supplies AquaMagic a lawn and garden soil surfactant which is a effective soil wetter with a dual action. AquaMagic facilitate water to infiltrate the soil and thereby retaining the water in root soil zone.

Banish 360 is a herbicide from Agricrop helps to control a wide range of broadleaf weeds and grass for both aquatic situation and other situations. Banish 360 can be safely used for weed control in sensitive and aquatic environment area such as drains, channels, rivers and streams.

Agricrop offers big red spray marker dye which is a heavy duty spray market dye for use in combination with pesticides that clearly shows the application of the product. Big red spray marker dye is also used as a foam marker colouring agent.

Agricrop supplies Propon systemic grass killer which is used for control of perennial and annual grasses including Kikuyu, Paspalum, Couch and Johnson grass etc. Agricrop offers Steri-maX biocide which is a broad spectrum water treatment and sanitation product for use in horticulture and agriculture. Steri-maX biocides are used for the disinfection of poultry sheds and other equipment

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