Agridry has been producing grain dryers Australia wide since 1976. Agridry now manufactures on a full time basis with a broad range encompassing mobile batch, mobile continuous flow dryers, low volume stationary batch dryers  to high capacity continuous flow dryers. They can deliver a tailored turnkey solution for your drying needs.


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12/01/12 - Agridry has extensive expertise in designing electrical control switchboards for properties with poor electricity supply.
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26/09/11 - The newly refurbished and easy to navigate website is designed to simplify the search process for users looking to find specific agricultural equipment and information.
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22/08/11 - Agridry are able to provide service and repair of diesel and gas burners which are used to fire their range of grain dryers.
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11/07/11 - Agridry is proud to announce the release of their new grain pre cleaner.
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QLD 4350
Tel: 07 4631 4300
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