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Dryers and aeration equipment from Agridry

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Agridry  has been manufacturing grain dryers since 1976. Agridry produces mobile batch dryers, mobile continuous dryers, stationary continuous flow dryers, silo aeration equipment and electronics.

Agridry offers a wide range of batch and continuous flow dryers in mobile and stationary models. Agridry also manufactures bread crumb machines in addition to grain dryers. The company also designs and builds heater and fan combinations for use in various drying applications.

Agridry also provides repair and maintenance services for a range of brands that include GT Gilmore & Talge/Tox-O-Wik, Vertec and Morridge dryers. The company offers a comprehensive range of substitute parts for common grain dryers too.

Agridry ensures aeration in grain storage. This is beneficial in a number of ways. This reduces the growth of mildew and moulds, reduces insect activity and evens out moisture and temperature. This helps in maintaining the germination rates of seeds and prevents hot spots in the grain.

A wide range of Agridry aeration fans are used in the agricultural sector. These include the AER50 models that are suitable for silos that have capacity of up to 90 tonnes. Other models include the AER100 for silos up to 130 tonne capacity, AER150 for silos up to 200 tonne capacity and AER250 for silos up to 300 tonne capacity.

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