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Grain moisture metres from Agridry

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Agridry  supplies an extensive range of dryers and aeration equipment for grains. Agridry is a representative for ALMACO seed spector 5, cone seeders, precision planters, PSION data capture, plot harvesters and belt seeders. ALMACO Company is a producer of an extensive range of equipment for researchers.

Agridry’s Rimik division offers CP40 II recording cone penetrometer which is used by researchers, horse race track keepers and sport field keepers. The CP40 II utilises ultra-sonic depth sensing with a graphics screen which displays the data.

Agridry offers moisture meters which is used for the measurement of grain moisture. Agridry also offers grain moisture meters from different brands. Agridry also specialises in hay and silage moisture metre.

Agridry supplies a wide variety of weather recording and measuring instrument. Weather instruments are useful for those who need basic information about temperatures, winds, humidity, etc. Agridry offers Davis range of weather stations which provides weather variable related information and Kestrel which provides information on winds, humidity and temperature. Agridry produces custom made stock crates, tank stands for rainwater tanks and truck bodies suitable for rigid trucks.

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