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Agrisearch Services offers planning and research on insecticides and fertilisers

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Agrisearch Services  is a privately owned company which offers services related to research and development, testing, consulting and education in the field of applied biology. Agrisearch Services also deals with biotechnology and environmental biology. Agrisearch Services was started in 1970 and since then has been offering the above services.

Some of the services offered by Agrisearch Services include regulatory affair consulting, litigation consulting, scientific research and development services, field research contracting, educational services, marketing, analysis of pesticide residues and so on.

The scientific research and development services from Agrisearch Services focus on the development and evaluation of crops, plants, potential agricultural products, plant varieties and so on. Agrisearch Services deals with areas like biological and chemical pesticides, veterinary chemicals, general agronomic R&D, industrial research and evaluation of animal health and veterinary products.

Agrisearch Services is involved in the planning and research and development of insecticides, fungicides, nematicides, growth regulators, rodenticides, fertilisers and so on. Phytotoxicity, efficacy of a product and residue aspects are also dealt by Agrisearch Services. Laboratory testing and out of season filed testing is done by Agrisearch Services for the above chemicals and fertilisers.

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