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Crop Protection With Fastup

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Fastup from Agrobest , is an esterified nonionic vegetable oil based spray adjuvant. It provides excellent crop protection and improves herbicide performance by utilising the excellent penetration effect of esterified vegetable oils in combination with the wetting and spreading characteristics of non- ionic surfactants.

Product Features:

Flash emulsification.

Other benefits include buffering the effect of poor quality water, facilitating tank mixing of incompatible products and a marked improvement in rain fastness.

Drift reduction is achieved by delivery of a more uniform spray pattern, with fine droplets kept to a minimum, deposition onto the target is increased, reducing drift and off target damage. Increasing spraying efficacy will reduce off-target spray pollution in the environment.


Fastup increases the uptake of chemical through the leaf, increasing the effectiveness while reducing spray drift and surface evaporation.


Surfactant/Wetting Agent:

Add directly to spray vat when using as wetting agent.

For more information including Material Safety Data Sheet go to www.agrobest.com.au

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