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Quality Hay and Silage - Whatever the Weather Get Crop Protection with AgroBest Silage

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AgroBest Australia P/L has developed a unique product to assist with the production of high quality hay and silage under less than ideal conditions.

Agrobest Silage is produced in both powder (for dry application) and soluble powder (liquid application).

The product contains a range of acid producing bacteria, cellulose breakdown enzymes and anti oxidants which prevent the establishment of oxygen forming bacteria, reduce spoilage, offer excellent crop protection and improve palatability and digestion.

High Quality Hay

With producers and contractors having to wait until moisture levels drop to about 20% or below before baling, the chance of over-drying or rain spoiling the hay becomes a possibility.

By using Agrobest Silage the “window of opportunity is increased, giving the ability to bale with moisture levels as high as 30% (Depending on crop type).

Unlike some other products AgroBest hay & silage improver is perfectly safe for horses, in fact fussy eaters will often take to lower quality grass type hay which has been treated with AgroBest Silage.

Simon Piccini , agronomist with Texas/ Mingoola Rural Traders on the QLD / NSW border says: “We have been supplying AgroBest Silage to prime lucerne producers for some time now. With rain forcast, we recently baled a lucerne with moisture at almost 30%. The hay has been excellent and we have not seen any signs of spoilage or mould.”

Shepperton district contractor Tig Gardiner has been using Agrobest Silage for some years now. “We started using the product to increase the amount of baling time available. Now clients are demanding that we apply Silage regardless of the moisture because they know that the hay is always good and the performance of their stock in milk production and weight gain have improved.”

High Quality Silage

After silage is laid down it is attacked by spoilage bacteria and moulds which produce heat and further deterioration of dry matter and proteins.

The anti oxidants in AgroBest Silage eliminate air and initiate pH reduction.

They also prevent the formation of ammonia.

During the ensiling process various lactobacillus in AgroBest Silage, assisted by cobalt (vitamin B12) and the increased sugars from the cellulose breakdown enzymes, rapidly reduce the pH and the silage stabilises in this acid environment.

Because this process happens much more quickly, the amount of protein and vegetative material consumed is greatly reduced.

This produces a much sweeter product containing higher protein levels and higher dry matter.

Johnno Fenwick From Echuca Town & Country supplies says: “We had a customer last year who had an oats crop falling over during the wet winter. Silage was put into the pit using Agrobest Silage inocculant. The moisture was literally dripping out of the product as it was laid down and we didn’t expect to get a good result.

However, when the silage came out of the pit it was perfect.”

Palatability Improved.

Agrobest Silage contains Cobalt, which, when combined with simple sugars speeds up the bacterial breakdown, leaving higher nutrient values and also assists by increasing the production of vitamin B12 in the gut of the animal.

This results in increased milk production and weight gain.

Improved palatability was clearly demonstrated in the Bundaberg region of QLD where AgroBest Silage was

applied when baling sugar cane stubble.

When the hay was fed to cattle the treated bales were completely consumed, whereas the untreated bales were mostly left uneaten.

John Powell National Sales Manager with AgroBest Australia says: “Our product gives both hay and silage users the ability to produce a quality product under any conditions”.

For more information including Material Safety Data Sheet go to: www.agrobest.com.au

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