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Agronico offers agricultural consultancy services to farmers

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Agronico  was established in the year 1985 by an agronomist, Julian Shaw. Agronico is mainly involved in providing agricultural consultancy and advisory services to farmers and growers. By the early 1990s, Agronico expanded in the country with the establishment of two more divisions.

In 1997, the Research and Development division of Agronico was set up with trials on hydroponic potatoes. These trials focused on improving the efficiency of potato propagation. Agronico was also awarded with the Ausindustry grant for innovation and design during the course of the trial. Currently, Agronico has over three divisions that have employed over twenty five people.

Agricultural experts from Agronico have over twenty years of experience and knowledge in the agricultural and farming sectors. These experts from the company have been working with farmers on various agronomic projects over the years. Agronico is also involved with government and industry oriented projects.

Some of the services offered by Agronico include crop management services, natural resource management, technical advice to individual farmers, consultancy for agricultural businesses, farm research and development and supply of special potato tuber.

Apart from the grants and awards, Agronico is also accredited by the Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and OECD.

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