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Tissue culture and seed production services from Agronico

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Agronico  provides research findings in the field of agriculture. The research done by Agronico mainly focuses on increasing crop yield, conserving resources like time and money and reducing the risk for farmers. Agronico also offers research for agricultural businesses.

Agronico is an independent research organisation for the horticultural and agricultural industries. Agronico has a collaborative network which functions across the horticultural regions of Australia. Scientific research is delivered to both small and large horticultural industries.

Agronico specialises in entomology, plant pathology, general agronomy and weed science. Due to the professional approach of Agronico, it has become one of the preferred choices for research services. Agronico delivers the services on time and within budget. Agronico also unravels the complications associated with regulatory requirements and research grants.

Agronico is also involved in the production of seed potatoes. Agronico operates through its tissue culture laboratory and through its minituber production facility. Field multiplication of seed potatoes is also managed by Agronico. These facilities from Agronico are VICSPA accredited.

The seed production carried out by Agronico is a closed loop as there is a controlled environment from crop production to tissue culture.

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