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Agrow Australia offers SulFer 95 fertiliser for crops

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Agrow Australia  offers bulk and specialty fertilisers to the Australian agricultural industry. This company is also involved in logistics and engineering. The specialty fertilisers from Agrow Australia include sulphates of manganese and magnesium, sulphur granules, potassium salts and so on.

SulFer 95 is manufactured by Animax and this product is produced from elemental sulphur through sour gas plants. This sulphur by product is loaded into hoppers and it is conveyed to enclosed silos. In the silos, the sulphur is combined with water and a binder. This mixture is then fed into a palletising system. Pallets of specific size are then produced from this system.

SulFer 95 when applied to crops is quickly converted to sulphate. This product is thus a concentrated form of nutrient which also has easy handling properties. Through this product the supply of sulphur is steady to crops.

Some of the benefits of SulFer 95 supplied by Agrow Australia include availability in all seasons, season long sulphate supply and ease of handling. This product is also economical, cost-effective, completely free of nitrogen and has high analysis.

The sulphur fertiliser supplied by Agrow Australia has good size compatibility which makes it ideal for blending. Segregation is also eliminated through this product from Agrow Australia.

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