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Ag Safe Accreditation and Training Meeting Industry Needs

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Ag Safe Accreditation & Training has recently surveyed 1,600 rural retails stores, and representatives of prominent agvet chemical suppliers, in regards to their A & T programs. The survey included asking applicants about their likes and dislikes of the program as well as individual constructive feedback.

25% of stores had responded to Ag Safe’s feedback request by completing the survey online. Ag Safe’s feedback survey and discovered:

  • The industry values the assistance given by Ag Safe to help meet government regulations and industry standards
  • There should be greater recognition for the stores that continue to meet industry standards
  • A greater range of training should be eligible to help with Ag Safe re-accreditation
  • More resources should be provided to assist stores and staff to keep their training up to date.
From the constructive feedback given, Ag Safe Accreditation & Training decided to create two major changes in their operations, which has been active since July 2011.

Ag Safe Advanced Four-year Audit systems

Ag Safe has introduced the Ag Safe Advanced, a four year audit cycle for all stores that meet the agreed level of excellence on their next Ag Safe visit. This new system will provide stores the opportunity to increase their period accreditation from the current two-year cycle to an extended four-year term. Stores who achieve the Ag Safe Advanced will receive lower cost in fees, while those who remain in the two-year cycle, ‘Ag Safe Essential’ will pay higher fees to cover the extra accreditation visits.

Annual Membership

From July 1 2011, stores will pay an annual membership fee, which is lower in cost as opposed to the every two year audits. The fee will cover the cost of one store audit and is valid for up to four years. The annual membership will also include benefits such as:

  • Promotional materials and educational tools to provide businesses with ways to remain compliant
  • Up-to-date information on industry and government issues
  • Access to Ag Safe Facilitators to assist in meeting industry standards
  • The option for workplace assessments (associated with Ag Safe Online Training) to be completed by store managers and supervisors.
  • A greater pool of re-accreditation options, including recognition of other industry-relevant training
On top of these two major changes, Ag Safe Accreditation & Training are also making a number of improvements.

An option for businesses to complete their own workplace assessments for staff is now available with guidelines and support materials provided for supervisors.

A hands-on Accreditation and Training committee has been established to help oversee these new changes as well as provide advice and recommendations to Ag Safe in a range of vital training needs and assessment process issues.

The Ag Safe Industry Code of Practice and all course materials will undergo major review to provide businesses with updated information on practices and regulation.

The Ag Safe website will also go under maintenance and include new features of forums, fact sheets and important industry information.

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