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ChemClear and drumMuster Programs with Ag Safe

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Ag Safe Accreditation & Training presents the ChemClear and drumMuster programs, which are designed to provide alternative methods in chemical and chemical container disposal.

The programs are suited for businesses and individuals working in the agriculture and veterinary industries, which can include primary producers, the ag retail industry, pest control managers, forestry, local and state government agencies, golf courses and any other users of agriculture and veterinary chemicals.

DrumMuster is a national program established to help dispose of empty pre-cleaned and eligible ag and vet chemical containers in a thoughtful, environmental and safe way. The drumMuster program consists of the collection and recycling of clean eligible non-returnable crop production and on-farm animal chemical containers.
The DrumMuster program has currently reached its 17 million container milestone, with the 3 million mark achieved in Queensland last year and the four million barrier achieved in Western Australia.

The ChemClear program focuses in eliminating unwanted, obsolete or inherited chemicals, found in agriculture and veterinary industries, in safe and environmentally friendly processes. Chemicals are classified in two groups of 1 and 2 and are collected through regular collection runs established by the local demand.

The ChemClear program has been implemented with Croplife Australia, Animal Heath Alliance, Veterinary Manufacturers Distributors Association, the National Farmers Federation and the Local Government Assosiation.

ChemClear, from Ag Safe, is also an Extended Producer Responsibility Program and, with drumMuster, an Industry Stewardship initiative of the Industry Waster Reduction Scheme.

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