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Agserv offers insecticides and spraying equipment

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Agserv  distributes weed and pest control chemicals and equipment. This company was started in the year 1958 as an equipment and spraying wing. In 1970 Agserv branched out as an independent business. Agserv distributes brand such as Silvan, Solo, Rega, B&G and so on.

Agserv also distributes professional pest control chemicals against termites, insects and rodents. Agserv also supplies a range of herbicides for general and industrial purposes. 1150 Bulb Duster is an equipment supplied by Agserv. This product is suitable for use in granular and dust applications. Extensions are available even for hard to reach areas. This equipment from Agserv also has a heavy duty construction with dust delivery bullet belt.

Abate 10SG is an insecticide from Agserv. This larvicide is used for treating all the breeding sites of mosquitoes. This product has to be applied at a concentration of about 5-10kg/ha of water. The larvicide can be applied using a distributor or using hands. Insecticides from Novartis, Pacific Biologic, Syngenta, PCT and Basf are also distributed by Agserv.

Apart from equipment supply, Agserv is also involved in equipment and accessories maintenance. In house repairs are also done by Agserv.

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