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Agserv offers larvicides, insecticides and rodenticides

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Agserv  offers weed control and pest control chemicals. This company also distributes chemical and spraying equipment. AGITA 1GB is an insecticide available from Agserv. This is a granular scatterbait containing thiamentoxem. This insecticide comes under the neo-nicotinoid class of chemicals which interfere with the functioning of the insect’s postsynaptic membrane. This product from Agserv also has a fly’s pheromone which attracts them for congregation.

Altis is a reticulation system offered by Agserv. This system treats areas under concrete slabs. Altis system protects against infestation around the perimeter of structures. It thus prevents termites and pests from entering from outside of a building. The Atlis system from Agserv utilises unperforated pipes which have emitters in them. The emitters help in the even distribution of chemicals.

Altosand is an insecticide offered by Agserv. This product prevents the emergence of adult mosquitoes. It is suited for broad acre arial larviciding. Ant-out is another insecticide offered by Agserv. This is used for the control of ants around gardens and houses. This product can be applied around nests and trails but this product is not recommended for use inside buildings. Rodenticides are also offered by Agserv.

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