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Automatic dispensers and spraying equipment offered by Agserv

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Agserv  offers pest control chemicals and related equipment. Agserv supplies these insecticides and pest control chemicals from various manufacturers. Tallon Pallets is a rodenticide offered by Agserv. This is a ready to use bait for the agricultural, industrial, commercial and public sectors. This product control mice which are resistant to even warfarin.

Time Mist is an automatic dispensing unit from Agserv. This product is used for dispensing insecticides and also for air fresheners. Target is a product which is used for the control of ants, cockroaches, bed bugs, mushroom flies, hide beetles, European wasps and fleas. This product can be applied with a product applier.

AgriSense Dome Trap is a plastic trap which is suitable for outdoor use. The bottom section of this product is removable and this part can be charged and recharged as and when required. The right amount of liquid in the bait ensures maximum efficiency. This product is available as a bulk package as well.

Py spray is an aerosol which controls pests under various situations. This product from Agserv is suited for crevice and crack applications. This industrial spray is suited as a space spray and can also be used as a flushing spray.

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