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Air Ag offers all types of aerial spraying services

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article image Air Ag's planes make it simple to spray large land areas in a short time frame

Air Ag  specialise in all types of aerial spraying.  Its equipment is capable of handling ultra low volumes (ULV) through to high volume spraying jobs.

Night spraying often offers better conditions during the summer, so long as they fulfil requirements.  Air Ag’s team of pilots are fully qualified, and its aircraft equipped, to spray suitable paddocks at night, following strict procedures. 

Air Ag employs the latest JARBA boom spraying technology to ensure that complete control and accuracy of flow control and droplet size throughout application. Flat fan nozzles are also utilised to ensure an even spray spectrum with minimal driftable fines.

Advantages of aerial pesticide spraying include:

  • quick coverage of large land areas
  • full coverage can be achieved in small operation time frame
  • wet soil can be treated soon after rainfall
  • no soil compaction from land vehicle tyres
  • no damage to crops
  • does not produce dust, which can effect some herbicides, such as Glyphosate
  • less water used
  • counteracts effects of using poor water quality
Contact Air Ag for more information about its aerial spraying services.

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