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Floating surface water pumps from Airwell Pumps

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Airwell Pumps  offers floating surface water pumps. These floating surface water pumps have been specifically designed for open waterways such as lakes and dams. Floating surface water pumps from Airwell Pumps include self contained unit consisting of a control unit. The control unit has been mounted on the float and pump assembly. This provision enables to increase the efficiency as well as mobility of pumps. These mobile pumps can be easily transported to multiple locations.

Airwell Pumps provides transfer and river pumps. These pumps can be either fixed to the bottom of a sump or inland waterway. Water enters these pumps through inlet screens. Transfer and river pumps also comprise of internal level probes and controller device. The signal generated by the internal level probes is transmitted to the controller device for directing the controller device to empty and refill the pump. These pumps operate efficiently by minimising the volume of the air that is needed for pumping water.

Transfer and river pumps from Airwell Pumps can also be used for submerged applications. These pumps, when used for submerged applications, have controller device mounted remotely and not attached to the pump. Transfer and river pumps have been manufactured from 316 grade stainless steel.

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