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Standard bore pumps and pump controllers from Airwell Pumps

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Airwell Pumps  provides a diverse range of water pumping solutions. These water pumping solutions have proved beneficial to the mining, environmental and agricultural industry. Water pumping solutions from Airwell Pumps are available at cost effective rates. Different types of water pumping solutions include standard bore pumps and controllers. Standard bore pumps have been specifically designed to suit diverse climatic conditions.

Standard bore pumps from Airwell Pumps have been constructed from 316 grade stainless steel. The body of these pumps are available in varying diameters and lengths for appropriately matching the bore casing and flow rates. Standard bore pumps from Airwell Pumps are resistant to corrosion.

Standard bore pumps are capable of handling imperfect water conditions. Various features of these bore pumps include internal check valves comprising of urethane balls, stainless steel seats, trouble free operation and two conductivity probes. These pumps can be connected with the aid of an airline, signal cable, water riser and stainless steel wire rope. Pump controllers have been specifically developed for controlling the functionality of the pump system. These controllers can easily adapt to varying bore recharge rates.

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