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Allflex Australia offers DNA tags and NLIS tags for livestock

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Allflex Australia  is a company which provides livestock management systems. Allflex Australia has been dealing with livestock for about four decades and it incorporates latest design technologies, manufacturing processes and materials in its products. Allflex Australia offers electronic tags and visual tags for livestock.

Electronic tags from Allflex Australia include NLIS tags, light weight sheep tags, industrial reusable tags, DNA tags and matching management tags. The NLIS tags are made of plastic and these tags also provide resistance against infections. The tags withstand even harsh climate and have ease of application. Breeder tags and post breeder tags are available under NLIS tags. The post breeder tags can not be identified by the breeder’s device.

DNA tags are also provided by Allflex Australia and these make use of the DNA technology. A hair sample is collected when an animal is tagged and these are stored for identifying the animal. DNA tags from Allflex Australia ensure security and provide adequate proof of ownership as well.

Matching management tags includes company logos, brands and so on. These are produced along with the electronic tags and these tags from Allflex Australia are available in various colours.

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