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Allstock offers WoolPak software for livestock management

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Allstock  offers software solutions for livestock management. One of the software products developed by Allstock is WoolPak. This software helps in maintaining individual sheep records in an easy and flexible manner. This software is also useful for maintaining record of the measurement of the lambs.

WoolPak software offered by Allstock helps in recording all the information in one screen. The screens can be customised so that it is relevant for each client. This software from Allstock can also track history and animals can be grouped in any manner as well. Improved tracking of sales, invoicing and marketing is also seen through this software.

Clients can create and save custom made reports using WoolPak offered by Allstock. Clients can also record information on embryo transfer and reproduction using this software. Drop down menus with selection options are available. Duplicate entries are identified and misread tags are also identified.

The modules available in WoolPak offered by Allstock include base module, classing or scoring module, client sales and invoicing, genetic service export, advanced reproduction, electronic identification and so on. This software also has certain system requirements like Windows 2000, 250MB disc space, a CD-ROM drive to name a few.

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