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Alltech further strengthens Mycotoxin Management Team with newly appointed technical manager for Asia-Pacific

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article image Dr Tugrul Durali, Asia-Pacific Technical Manager, Mycotoxin Management Team, Alltech

Alltech Australia announces the appointment of Dr Tugrul Durali as Asia-Pacific technical manager for Alltech’s Mycotoxin Management Team. To be based in Sydney, Durali will provide technical support to the company’s local and regional accounts, focusing on Alltech’s On-Farm program.

Beginning his professional career as an intern in 2001 at one of the biggest egg and poultry meat producers in Turkey focusing on aflatoxicosis in layer hens, Durali joined the Turkish Armed Force where he graduated as a veterinarian lieutenant from the Army Veterinarian College. After returning to civil life, Durali received training on turkey breeder health, management and artificial insemination from a leading Israeli company specialising in the poultry breeder field in the Middle East. 

Following a stint with another company as a poultry veterinarian focusing on gut health and mycotoxicosis on broiler and breeder productions, Durali moved to Australia to join a leading poultry producer as a technical services manager. His interests in improvement of poultry welfare with nutrition and particularly antibiotic-free production led him to establish research trials, playing a major role in the establishment of the company’s free range broiler production. 

Global animal health and nutrition leader Alltech’s Mycotoxin Management program was launched in early 2012 to help producers in their control of mycotoxins through a combination of mycotoxin management programs and technologies. The unique global program not only assists in managing mycotoxins throughout the feed chain, but also in detecting and addressing the risks caused by more than 37 types of mycotoxins.

Welcoming Durali to the team, Nick Adams, global director, Mycotoxin Management Team at Alltech commented that the widespread presence of mycotoxins means great risk for producers, and the increased demand on animal performance and productivity puts further pressure on them to find effective solutions against those hidden killers. Dr Durali’s experience will place the Asia-Pacific Mycotoxin Management Team in a stronger position than ever to provide a practical and solutions-oriented approach to effectively managing mycotoxins.

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