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Prevent dairy herd mastitis with advice from Alltech

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article image Alltech recommends adding Yea-Sacc1026 to the diet of dairy cows to increase their immune systems, helping to fight mastitis

Alltech Australia , expert in animal health gives advice on the prevention of mastitis in dairy herds.

Mastitis is an inflammatory reaction of cow udders to infectious or mechanical injury.

Infectious mastitis is caused by bacteria and may be caused by environmental challenges or by cow to cow (contagious) transmission.

Mastitis is one of the most costly and common diseases that effect dairy cattle, costing approximately $230 per cow annually.  70 per cent of this cost is as the result of milk production loss.

Alltech recommends the following steps to minimise the risk of mastitis occurring:

  • provide cows with comfortable, clean and hygienic environment
  • take special care during the pre-calving period
  • introduce an appropriate “dry cow” antiseptic regime
  • maintain milking machine to prevent physical teat damage
  • ensure a consistent vacuum level and a constant pulsation rate of milking machine
  • have a regular program of teat cup liner replacement
  • ensure an hygienic milking routine to reduce bacterial exposure
  • avoid over milking
  • provide nutritious feed to enhance the immune system
Alltech recommends the introduction of Yea-Sacc1026, its live yeast culture, in dairy herd diets to help boost immunity.

Contact Alltech for more information on the prevention of mastitis and to find out about its nutritional products.

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