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Jersey Breeding at the Almervista Stud

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Situated half way between Longwarry & Drouin in West Gippsland, Almervista Jerseys operates on 340 acres of undulating terrain. 

The Almervista stud was established in early 1991 through the Genetic Recovery scheme, with the Jersey breeding tradition being alive and strong for 100 years, over four generations of Yorks. AI has been used for 40 years and US genetics were happily embraced in the late 80's. Purchases in the past eighteen years have failed to knock the home bred cow families out of the herd production rankings.

Milking takes place all year, round reaching maximum numbers of approximately 190 at the end of September. The calving pattern is a 15% April/May : 85% July/August/September. The herd consists of 92% registerd Jerseys, 3% Holsteins and 5% crossbred with the long term goal of 100% Jersey which will be achieved by natural attrition and the exclusive use of Jersey semen.

Embryo work continues on a small scale and AI is the only form of mating over the milkers. The heifers all get one shot of AI before being mopped up with a bull.

The Almervista stud is also enrolled in BJD Test & Control programme. This program was entered by choice, with a long term view of knowing the origin of any infection and eradicating it through testing and calf rearing with the JDCAP programme.

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