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The Alosca Technologies range of ALOSCA dry granular legume inoculants is now available

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Recently developed by Alosca Technologies , the range of ALOSCA dry granular legume inoculants provides new application options and increased performance under difficult nodulation establishment environments.

Peat slurry inoculation has been the industry standard method of inoculating crop and pasture legumes since the 1950’s. The past few decades, however, have seen significant changes in the complexity and scale of farm operations. These changes have presented circumstances under which peat slurry inoculation is prone to failure or the seeding program is compromised to ensure the peat based system delivers viable nitrogen fixing bacteria. 

Using ALOSCA dry granular legume inoculants is a risk free way of successfully inoculating legume pastures and crops.

ALOSCA dry granular legume inoculants activate on the same seasonal triggers as the sown legume, maintaining the viability of the Rhizobia bacteria until required by the plant at and after germination.

ALOSCA dry granular legume inoculants also introduce new levels of seeding programme flexibility through the ability to sow dry or to moist seed beds. This creates the opportunity to take advantage of warmer autumn conditions and rainfall. 

ALOSCA dry granular legume inoculants are based on a clay granule impregnated with commercial strains of nitrogen fixing bacteria and are easier to handle than slurry inoculants.

The granular dispersal allows ‘spread’ nodulation rather than a dominant crown nodule with more nodules forming deeper earlier. This allows continued fixation later into spring when the topsoil dries out.

ALOSCA dry granular legume inoculants also buffer rhizobia against the harmful effects of pesticide seed dressings.

Highly suited to shallow sown pasture species, this product is easy to store with no refrigeration required.

The suggested application rate is 8 -10kg/ha, with a higher rate on heavier soil types, and application can be carried out any time, including dry seeding. A moist seed bed is not required to maintain viability prior to germinating rain.

ALOSCA dry granular legume inoculants can be mixed with fertiliser, with the seed, or from a third box as long as it is delivered to the furrow in close proximity to the seed.

Benefits of using ALOSCA dry granular legume inoculants include:

  • increased yield and nitrogen fixation in pasture and legume crops by at least 50%
  • following cereal crops demonstrate enhanced yield performance
  • the excellent nodulation and nitrogen fixation in legumes will provide nitrogen for following cereal or oilseed crops.

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