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Amaroo Blondes offers blonde bulls for superior breeding

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Amaroo Blondes  is a company which produces moderately framed, fast growing blondes which are also structurally correct. Amaroo Blondes produces blonde bulls which carry the right amount of fat. This company is located in Western Australia and has been operating from the year 1985.

Amaroo Blondes is involved in breeding beef cattle but the breeding of blondes commenced in 1995. Amaroo Blondes utilises both artificial insemination and embryo transfer to produce off springs with quality genetic make up. The calves are also temperament scored right at the weaning stage.

Amaroo Blondes also breeds softness in the muscled blonde cattle. With the industry moving towards softness of the Euro cattle, Amaroo Blondes has incorporated softness in the blonde variety. Amaroo Blondes selects superior cattle by measuring the daily weight gain and weight ratio.

Blond bulls are preferred as these have rapid growth and with combination with a well muscled breed will produce rapidly growing calves. These calves also grow to be well muscled. Easy calving, feed efficiency, high carcass yield, rapid growth and a good temperament make blondes the preferred choice.

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