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Amberley Park offers Buchan Black for commercial breeding

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Amberley Park  is located in South Gippsland and this company is involved in commercial cattle breeding. Hainsworth T Cock started Amberley Park and he has studied various breeds in his career. He also founded the Amberley Park Stud in 1962. Amberley Park also imports various breeds for gaining a better gene pool.

Amberley Park advocates natural methods and natural conditions as far as possible. This is done to avoid interference with the animal’s natural life cycle. The females from Amberley Park are long, deep and thick. They also have good maternal characteristics and good foraging ability. The females offered by Amberley Park also have a soft coat and a soft skin.

Amberley Park has also participated in various shows including the Royal Show. These shows are a good medium for promoting the cattle from Amberley Park. Buchan Black is one of the breeds offered by Amberley Park. This breed has a good temperament and requires low maintenance. This breed is also characterised by easy calving, high production and an excellent structure. It is ideal for carcass having a sleek coat and offering uniform progeny.

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