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Commercial breeding of Shorthorns undertaken by Amberley Park

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Amberley Park  offers commercial cattle breeding of various breeds including Buchan Black, Angus, Galloway, Shorthorns and so on. Shorthorn is one of the most relevant breeds in the beef industry. This breed is also one of the oldest recorded breed.

Shorthorns have high fertility, ease of calving, good growth and so on. This breed offered by Amberley Park also has good carcass quality, marbling and milk secretion. All the above traits provide beef producers with an efficient product. Amberley Park aims at producing bulls which have good growth, temperament and a high fertility rate.

Amberley Park has also been assessing the structure, performance and carcasses since 1965. Amberley Park has also been successful in various carcass competitions and grazing trials. This company has about thirty five years of experience in selling cattle over the hooks.

Amberley Park mainly concentrates on white and roan coloured bulls. All the animals are checked for their reproductivity and soundness through a vet. The genetic make up of the animals from Amberley Park are also of a good quality. This is achieved through careful cross and pure breeding.

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